Clans are formally-united groups of adventurers who share ideals, beliefs or values. Clans can be formed by anyone above level 50 who has at least two other players who wish to join their clan. The imms reserve the right to final judgement on who can form a clan. To join a clan, see the leader of that clan and read the clan's help file (syntax= help <clan abbreviation>). Note that if you wish to join a clan, you must do so before level 40. This is to ensure that killing of low level players is kept to a minimum. Belonging to a Clan confers the following advantages:

* Communication with other members of your Clan through a Clan-only channel.

* Communication with fellow Clan members through the form of a clan note system.

* A hideaway in the form of a Clan HQ where you can meet with comrades to discuss matters of importance.

* Healing in the form of a Clan healer, located in your clan HQ.

* A Clan healing item that add 100% to your base healing rate when you are in a room with it. You can steal other Clans' items to increase your rate by even more.

* Individual Clan items designed by the clan leaders.

* Note that you do not get a KILLER flag if you kill members of other Clans. You WILL get a KILLER flag if you kill non-clan members.

Current active clans: TRV

*Note: Any player wishing to apply to start a clan, contact us