by Shade

In the beginning there was nothing. Then the great god Brutus stretched forth his hands, and the world began. Elves and Dwarves, Dragons and Demons walked the land, and all was well.

Time passes, the wheel turns. Across the land, the first heroes of the domain emerged, Dream, Fitharn, Geshp, Strider and Avenger. They forged a new world, of peace and justice and all was well in the domain. Time passes, the wheel turns. New heroes arose, and they were filled with hope of forging a better world. But the heroes fell to bickering, and factions among them arose. From these factions, the first clans were formed and the first great clan war began.

Time passes, the wheel turns. The clan war ended with the Rulers of Midgaard prevailing for truth and justice. Strider and Avenger were joined by Scrotus, Klael and Zack and once more peace ruled the land once more. Time passes, the wheel turns. Among the shadows, a great evil stirred. A power for darkness rose and lured once mighty heroes to its call. Slowly they gathered there strength, waiting for the moment to strike. And then, led by Lucifer and Avenger the Servants of Darkness came forth from the shadows and struck down the mighty Rulers of Midgaard.

Time passes, the wheel turns. The shadows ruled the land, their very names striking fear into the hearts of even the boldest adventurer. But the great god Brutus looked down on the chaos, and decided enough. He stretched forth his hands once more and destroyed the domain he had created, scattering heroes and monsters all to the winds. .....

Time passes, the wheel turns. From the remains of the destroyed realm, Brutus forged a new better world. Aided by his lieutenants Jihad and Shade, Brutus created new races, Beasts and Snake men, and with them came Brawlers and powerful beings who could change their shape to different animals.

Time passes, the wheel turns. The first heroes walked the land, finding their way in the new world. Soon factions arose again and once more the world was plunged into war.

Time passes, the wheel turns. The great Inner Circle of Power won the war of the clans, striking down the Servants of Darkness until just the descendants of Lucifer and Avenger remained. They drove the shadows back to their mountain abode, led by Seth, Retzius and Klael. The Inner Circle of Power grew and grew, bringing peace and justice to the new world.

Time passes, the wheel turns. Heroes rose, heroes fell. New clans emerged, the Creatures of Chaos and the Angels of Death. Yet still the Inner Circle of Power ruled and as ever the Servants lurked in the shadows preying on the righteous and just.

Time passes, the wheel turns. The Inner Circle of Power started to show signs of strain, heroes lost faith and switched their alliances to the new clans. Then, as before the Servants struck forth from their mountain home and terror and fear reigned once more. And the Servants joined forces with the Angels of Death led by Warchild and Mitakasi, and the battle was joined by all the clans.

Time passes, the wheel turns. The Angels of Death realised they had been tricked, and cast forth the Servants from within their ranks and returned to their peaceful ways. New clans formed, the Dirtball Militia and the Devils Convent and they did go to war. The Inner Circle of Power was but a shade of its once mighty strength, and only the great hero Klael was able to defend against the waves of darkness crossing the land.

Time passes, the wheel turns. Avenger returns to the world, brought back to life by the magic of Shade. He sits alone on his mountain throne and surveys the world. He sees the fighting and bickering of the lesser clans and laughs. They are no match for the mighty Rulers of Midgaard or Inner Circle of Power, they are but lost children hunting their former glory. The world is in chaos, might and justice no longer rule, and in their place is fear and anger.

Time passes, the wheel turns. A new hope dawns for the world. The great gods Danath, Shade and Owl have seen the plight of their world. They begin to plan out a new, brighter future for the world. Helped by the new gods, Thorne and Hestia, they will create a new world, a better world a world of peace and justice. They will go to the people of the world, and they will remove their fears and anger and replace it with hope.

Time will pass, the wheel will turn.