Shade's History of the Dragons Domain (as of DD3)

New Zealand's oldest and greatest MUD is back, after a long hiatus. With brand-new skills, races, dozens of bugfixes and tweaks, and a plethora of new features under active development by our experienced coding team, we're looking to welcome players new and old who enjoy hack'n'slash, roleplaying, building, and suggesting new features they'd like to see. Drop in to our Discord and say hi!

The Dragons Domain boasts the following features:

  • Active, dedicated development by a team of passionate coders and builders
  • 100 mortal levels (at which point HERO status is attained)
  • Full ANSI implementation and support (including 8-bit/256-colour support)
  • Multiplay permitted with restrictions
  • Literally hundreds of original spells and skills
  • A clan system if you seek the thrill of the pkill
  • Mostly original equipment and areas (10 000+ rooms)
  • A completely original and extensive Deity/God Pantheon system
  • Skill & Level-Based Training System
  • No rent - equipment saved
  • Character Approval Unnecessary
  • 25 races and 27 classes (9 main classes and 18 subclasses)
  • Immortal-initiated player quests
  • Special HERO quest areas
  • Automated questing system for recalls, gold, fame and practices
  • And much, much more!