The Dragons Domain has had extensive additions and modifications made to the stock codebase, and we ask that any serious area-builder make the attempt to learn about some of them before diving on in. As of the present time areas in Merc 2.x or Envy 1.0 format should run on DD fairly smoothly with only very minor editing, but we support many other tags, flags and features besides the generic ones, so below for the download of the prospective builder we have:

The preferred building tool for DD:


The Scribe documentation

The scribe perl script *

(*The script isn't necessary to build, but is handy to catch errors before submission.)

(*If you wish to run the script you will need perl. Windows users, click here.)

The Builder version of the DD merch.h file

A useful tool for mapping out areas.

The area.txt file released with the Envy 1.0 codebase (Will not be 100% accurate due to customisation, but a good place to start).

DD4 colour codes for adding 8-bit colour to your area can be found here. Also read the online help with "HELP COLOUR3" and "HELP COLOURCODES".

All about MOBProgs

If you have any other links you think you'd like to see here, please email us and let us know.