Dragons Domain MUD Frequently Asked Questions and Newbie Guide

Version 1.5.3 (March 2022).

Compiled by Gezhp, with references and editions by Shade. Additional contributions from Hestia, Thorne, and Owl.

DD login: mud.dragons-domain.org 8888
DD website: https://www.dragons-domain.org/
Email: dragonsdomainteam@gmail.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/aGzmAWmXYb


This document was written primarily as a guide for players new to the Dragons Domain MUD. It will cover basic commands for getting around the MUD world, special systems and features of the MUD, and useful advice for low-level characters.

If you are an experienced Envy-style MUD player, then you will not need to read many of the following FAQs. However, the Dragons Domain has been heavily modified and contains significant changes to the class and skill systems, and incorporates new quest and clan/pkilling systems. You are urged to read the relevant sections, and scan through the remaining table of contents.

If you are an absolute beginner with no MUDding experience at all, there are several sections that you should read carefully before attempting to adventure throughout the MUD [Sections 3 through 8].

If you are having difficulty understanding a particular rule or command, don't hesitate ask for help from other players, who will generally accomodate you!


Various terms and abbreviations are used on the MUD and may be included in this document:

Term Description
Areas Distinct parts of the MUD virtual world; includes wilderness, towns, dwellings and other dimensions.
Character An imaginary creature in the MUD controlled by a player.
DD The Dragons Domain: the name of this MUD.
EQ Equipment; objects in general.
FAQ Frequently Asked Question(s).
Imm, Imp Immortal, Implementor: a player that controls and develops the MUD.
Mob 'Mobile': a creature in the MUD controlled by the game.
MUD Multi-User Dungeon: a type of network game.
Newbie A new or inexperienced player.
Pfile 'Player file': a character's saved-game file.
Pkilling 'Player killing': the murder of characters by other characters.
Player A real human who controls a character in the MUD.
Prac Practice, practice point.
QP Quest point.
Tick The unit of MUD time; about 30 seconds of real time on average.

Within this FAQ, commands that players should enter are written in all-capitals like THIS.

Table of Contents

Section 1. FAQ Distribution and Further Information

[1.1] What flavours of this FAQ are there and how can I get them?
[1.2] Does this MUD have a website?
[1.3] How can I get someone to help me or answer a question?

Section 2. History of the Dragons Domain

[2.1] What sort of MUD is DD?
[2.2] Where is the DD server, and when was it set up?
[2.3] Who runs the MUD? Who used to run it?
[2.4] How do players contribute towards the running of the Dragons Domain MUD?
[2.5] Shouldn't there be an apostrophe in 'Dragons'?

Section 3. DD Basics

[3.1] What do I do here? How do I win?
[3.2] I've never played a MUD: what do I do?
[3.3] Where do I get food/drink?
[3.4] Where do I find anything in this town?
[3.5] Where can I get healing?
[3.6] Where can I train or practice?
[3.7] Where can I find equipment?
[3.8] I'm lost or stuck: help!
[3.9] I've just been killed! Now what do I do?
[3.10] Why doesn't anything listen to me?
[3.11] What are MUD clients? Where can I get one?
[3.12] How do I get colour? How can I use colours?
[3.13] What game options can I set?
[3.14] How can I see who's playing? How do I talk to other players?
[3.15] How can characters form groups or parties?
[3.16] How do I view my character's statistics, or see what spells she's affected by?
[3.17] How can I see what skills my character has, or can get?
[3.18] Who's 'Someone'?
[3.19] What are 'wimpy' and 'aggro dam', exactly?
[3.20] How do I know what an item does, or figure out what eq to use?
[3.21] Help me, I'm blind/cursed/stunned/poisoned!
[3.22] Where can I get some money?
[3.23] Where can I get item X? Where can I find mob Y? How do I get to area Z?
[3.24] Why does my equipment zap me and fall off when I try to wear it?
[3.25] How do I change my alignment?
[3.26] How do I get rid of my THIEF/KILLER flag?
[3.27] How do I know how dangerous a mob is?
[3.28] Why can't I recall? Why can't I recall to Midgaard anymore?
[3.29] How do I get through this random area?
[3.30] Where's a good place for me to level?
[3.31] How does the sub-class system work?
[3.32] What's the Arena, and how do I get there?
[3.33] What are donated items and where can I find them?
[3.34] How can I set how many spells I cast per round?
[3.35] How does the monetary system work here? Where's the bank?
[3.36] Why do I hear the 'patter of little feet'?
[3.37] Who's Grail and what's so special about him?
[3.38] How do I get the 2nd X? How do I get all X's? How do I kill the 2nd Y?
[3.39] Can I use multiple keywords to indicate a creature or object?
[3.40] Why can't I remove or drop an item?
[3.41] What are bounties? How can I set one?
[3.42] Where did all my keys go?
[3.43] Why can't I access my inventory when I'm fighting?
[3.44] Why is there a delay before my commands do anything?
[3.45] Why can't I use this lance/bow/musical instrument?
[3.46] Why can't I use this staff/wand/scroll?
[3.47] Why can't I use this poisoned weapon?
[3.48] Who can use a mount? How can I use the 'joust' skill if I can't use a mount?
[3.49] Do any classes gain damage bonuses when they use specific types of weapons?
[3.50] Why am I lagged when I enter the game?
[3.51] Who are the winged monkeys?
[3.52] How can I use an area's default recall?

Section 4. Skills and Attributes

[4.1] How does the training/practicing system work?
[4.2] What do I need to get skill X?
[4.3] Where do I find my trainer?
[4.4] Why can't my trainer teach me skill X?
[4.5] What's this skill 'reserved'?
[4.6] How many practice points can I get per level?
[4.7] I have skill X at 100%, but why does it sometimes fail?
[4.8] What order should I train my attributes?
[4.9] What is my prime attribute?

Section 5. Questing and Fame

[5.1] What are quests? What are quest points?
[5.4] The questmaster has given me an impossible quest!
[5.5] Why do I need quest points?
[5.6] How do I buy and use recall points?
[5.7] Do Imms sometimes give special quests?
[5.8] What's fame? What does it do or mean?
[5.9] How do I gain or lose fame?
[5.10] What happens if I have fame below zero?
[5.11] Do any classes gain bonus points when they complete random quests?

Section 6. Clans and Pkilling

[6.1] What are clans?
[6.2] Do I have to join a clan?
[6.3] How do I join a clan?
[6.4] What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in a clan?
[6.5] When can I join a clan?
[6.6] I've just decided that I really want to join a clan, but I'm too high level: is there anyway I can get in?
[6.7] How can I leave my clan? Can I join another clan?
[6.8] What are ronin characters? How do I become ronin?
[6.9] Can I start up my own clan? What do I have to do?
[6.10] What is pkilling?
[6.11] What are the rules regarding pkilling?
[6.12] Are there any safe places where I can't be pkilled?
[6.13] How are pkill scores calculated? Do they mean anything?
[6.14] How do I stop player X, who's 15 levels higher than me, from pkilling me?
[6.15] Where are the rival clan head-quarters?
[6.16] Can I invade rival clans?
[6.17] What are clan items, and can I take them or destroy them?
[6.18] Can I quit inside rival clan head-quarters?
[6.19] What's 'fair' in pkill? I think someone has killed me unfairly!
[6.20] What commands do clan leaders have?

Section 7. Tips for Newbies

[7.1] Okay, I've got no idea where I am or where to go. What do I do now?
[7.2] Where are some areas good for newbies?
[7.3] Where are the Smurfs?
[7.4] What equipment should I be trying to get?
[7.5] I keep dying. What can I do?
[7.6] How can I detect invisible or hidden things?
[7.7] How can I become invisible? How do I become visible again?
[7.8] How can I get across a river, climb up a cliff, or fly?
[7.9] Where can I get a good weapon?
[7.10] Can I get higher level characters to get me eq?
[7.11] I'm having real trouble in Purgatory; how do I find my corpse?
[7.12] How can I identify eq?
[7.13] Is there anything that I should find or any quest I should complete while I am low level?
[7.14] How do I change my title from 'is a newbie'?
[7.15] How can I carry more stuff?
[7.16] How can I steal?
[7.17] Where can I get a pet?
[7.18] Is the EQ here level based or something?

Section 8. Etiquette, Rules and Problems

[8.1] What sort of behaviour is not acceptable on this MUD?
[8.2] How can I stop all these players from talking on the 'chat' channel and spoiling my MUD experience?
[8.3] What's 'tanking'? Can I use my higher level character to help out my lower level character?
[8.4] Why won't player X get me some eq, or tell me how to do this or that, or where something is? How can I make her?
[8.5] Player X keeps breaking the rules! What can I do?
[8.6] Player X is rude and abusive to me. How can I stop this harassment?
[8.7] Can I multiplay? How many characters may I have on at a time?
[8.8] I think I'm crashing the MUD!
[8.9] The MUD crashed while I was in Purgatory, and now I have no eq! What do I do?
[8.10] Why is everyone so unfriendly? Why doesn't player X reply to me? You people suck!
[8.11] My brother logged in as my character and did something mean and/or stupid. How can I get things back to normal?
[8.12] What's so great about a 'reboot'?
[8.13] Why does everyone chat 'gratz'?
[8.14] Arrgh! I keep trying to change to a sub-class but it just doesn't work!
[8.15] I accidently killed player X when she came into the room. What's going to happen now?
[8.16] I think something about the MUD is buggy, unfair or just plain stupid. What can I do? What should I do?

Section 9. Class and Race Comparisons

[9.1] What is the best race?
[9.2] What is the best class?
[9.3] I want to pkill: what class should I be?
[9.4] X has a stronger character than me! Its not fair!

Section 10. Opportunities

[10.1] How do I get to build an area for the MUD?
[10.2] How can I help code the MUD?
[10.3] I want to be an Imm. What do I have to do?

Section 11. A Beginner's Guide to MUDding

[11.1] Your character
[11.2] Observing and moving about the world
[11.3] Resting, healing, eating and sleeping
[11.4] Manipulating objects and using equipment
[11.5] Experience, combat and magic
[11.6] Saving your character and quiting
[11.7] Some notes on command syntax

Section 12. Shade's Guide to Pkilling

[12.1] Why a Guide to pkilling?
[12.2] What makes a good pkiller?
[12.3] The Golden Rules
[12.4] Hunting and Survival
[12.5] Safety
[12.6] Pkill Characters: A special note
[12.7] Fair Fights